Video Editor | Content Creator

About Me!

Ashley Lopez is a video editor based in Atlanta, GA.

At the age of 7, Ashley discovered her passion for film and video production when she saw her uncle edit together a video slide show on Windows Movie Maker. Her parents noticed her passion and gifted her a small digital camera to begin making her own videos. Ever since then, Ashley has worked on numerous personal and student projects.

Throughout the years, Ashley has used Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro to craft together her projects. She was involved in her high school’s news program known as Lakeside Viking News where she filmed and edited weekly segments, including public interviews and other light-hearted content. She has worked on a number of short films and other mini video projects in her film courses at Oglethorpe University, as well as some freelance videography. She is currently running a personal YouTube channel, where she films and edits fun vlogs and lifestyle videos. Besides YouTube, Ashley enjoys creating reels, stories, and posting photos on her personal Instagram page.

In May of 2023, Ashley received her bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies with a minor in Communications from Oglethorpe University. Her dream is to work with companies where she can create videos and other visual content for clients.